How Can I Know If Filing Bankruptcy Is The Best Choice For Me?

In the past 6 months, my debt has increased significantly. I am not behind on any bills at this time however, I can see it happening very shortly. I can’t keep my head above water with all the bills. I feel like I owe so much that I’ll never end up paying it off or I’ll end up getting behind and damaging my credit even worse than I am now. Please help!

Answer: The easiest way to find out if bankruptcy is the best debt relief option for you would be to schedule an appointment with at least 2-3 bankruptcy attorneys in your area. Most bankruptcy attorneys will offer you a free consultation and you will be able to not only find out if bankruptcy is the form of debt relief that you seek but also you will be able to find out which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify. Checking out 2-3 bankruptcy attorneys will also give you the opportunity to both price shop and for you to find a bankruptcy attorney that you are comfortable working with.

Another factor to consider is that there is a right time to file for bankruptcy. You stated that you aren’t behind on your bills right now. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will help you prepare for your bankruptcy filing and will work with you to establish when is the best time for you to file for bankruptcy protection. Depending on your situation, income, and other variables; it is possible that you may need another form of debt relief. Either way, an experienced bankruptcy attorney would best be qualifies to answer your questions and help you out with your situation.

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